Shadow of the Tomb Raider Official Trailer

A new game is coming this September

They missed the boat with this one. With the new movie being released based on the video game series Tomb Raider, it would have been the perfect time to release a new Tomb Raider game. Well, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is coming, it’s just coming much later.

After months of teasing, the game was finally previewed at an event in London. Some at the event were even allowed to play a short demo. This time, or at least in this demo, Lara Croft is raiding Aztec tombs in Mexico.

The trailer truly keeps to the title of the game, choosing to show the story in a dark and shadowed method. Let’s hope the actual gameplay allows gamers to see what’s going on. Something that is a little difficult to do with the preview.

Many new trailers for upcoming games are awe inspiring in their realism. Overkill’s Walking Dead takes photo realism to new levels. The latest Tomb Raider doesn’t seem to fall in line. It does seem to take a “realistic” approach to the characters, it just doesn’t seem to be done well. With a character with the longevity of Lara Croft, which we have seen as a pixelated video game in earlier generations, I would have preferred to see a different direction taken. Namely, if you can’t make them look real, don’t try. I’d have preferred to see a more cartoony animated character approach, than a poorly realized realism.

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think. Does this look like the proper next step for Tomb Raider?


Source: The Next Web


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