A Self-Healing Screen? New Tech Says it’s Possible

Cracks-Be-Gone! Your smartphone screen may soon repair itself.

Technology is ever evolving our way of life. As our lives are shaped by the devices we carry, it only makes sense that technology tries to shape them to fit our needs. Dropping your smartphone and picking it up to find the screen cracked is a heartbreaking event. Especially when your phone doesn’t crack under pressure easily: you may recall from my BlackBerry Story the many tales of my cracked and shattered BlackBerrys.

New technology has emerged, however, that teases the possibility of a self-healing smartphone screen. Scientists from the University of California at Riverside have developed a material that could replace normal smartphone screens. The material can self-repair scratches, cuts, and even “stitched itself back together” within 24 hours after being torn in half. The added ability to conduct electricity is the final indicator it could be used for touchscreen devices.

The chemists will present their findings to the American Chemical Society. While this technology seems like it could be decades away, it is reported that it could come to market as early as 2020.


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Erica Davis

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    No more Crack-Berry… lol… ;-P

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    It looks like the UofCalifornia scientists are iPhone users.