Seidio Surface Combo review – Part One: First Impressions

Seidio’s Surface case & holster combo for BlackBerry KEYone reviewed

BlackBerry Mobile’s KEYone was released back at the beginning of May. Almost immediately a slew of cases appeared from a variety of manufacturers. Shortly after we published Brad’s article about Seidio’s offerings (which you can read here), they announced the release of the “Surface combo” case and holster pack.

Seidio were kind enough to send me a Surface Combo pack for this review, which arrived this morning. The review will be in two parts: First Impressions (this article), and One Week On (which will focus on how the Case & Holster stand up to normal daily use).

Seidio's Surface Combo for KEYone
Seidio’s Surface Combo for KEYone

The Surface case

Seidio’s Surface Combo is comprised of two parts: the Surface case and a holster. The case itself is three separate elements – a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) interior, and a two-part rigid outer case. The TPU case fits the KEYone snugly, and the outer case slips over the top. It’s two-part construction clips together at about the level of the bottom of the screen. The back of the case is covered with a rubberised coating that offers just enough grip. According to the box, the Soft Touch coating is chip-proof, so should withstand everyday use with minimal problems. The metal Seidio logo on the back of the case hides a handy feature: a hinge that provides a kickstand for viewing videos with your KEYone on its side.

The Surface (TPU case on the left, two-part rigid shell on the right)
The Surface (TPU case on the left, two-part rigid shell on the right)

The holster

The second part of the combo is the holster. This part – made from rigid plastic like the case itself – sports a rugged belt clip that can be rotated to any one of seven positions. The Surface case slots neatly into the holster with the KEYone screen facing inwards. A spring-loaded clip over the top of the KEYone secures it in place. Inside, the holster is covered with a soft microfibre-like felt material designed to protect your KEYone’s screen and keyboard from scratches. Despite this material, the design of the holster means that the screen never actually touches the inside of the holster. The addition of a small magnet means that the screen deactivates as soon as the KEYone is holstered.

Holster and Surface case
Holster and Surface case

The holster fits easily on to your belt – the spring on the clip feels strong but can still be opened easily. No matter how much you try to shake it loose, the holster securely holds the KEYone in place.

Overall Impressions

All in all, my first impressions of the Seidio Surface Combo are good – the case itself feels strong enough to take a drop or two and still look good, and the built-in kickstand props the KEYone up at a good viewing angle for watching videos. The holster seems strong, secure and built-to-last. The only drawbacks I have noticed so far is that the kickstand and the clip securing the KEYone into the holster are both a little stiff (I assume both will ‘give’ slightly with use).


Do you use a Seidio Surface combo with your KEYone (or other BlackBerry device)? What do you think of it? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below!


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