Seidio Surface Case and Holster Review

Ever since I received my Passport at the end of September, I’ve been looking for the case. I’ve had holsters for every BlackBerry I’ve ever owned with the exception of the Z10, on which I had the OEM Transform Shell case.  I received the OEM hard shell a short time after receiving the Passport, but I still kept looking for that elusive PERFECT case.  Because I’ve dropped (and subsequently scraped, nicked, dented, or chipped) past BlackBerries, I really wanted to make sure the Passport was well-protected and ready for real life. I try to keep an iron grip on my device when in use, but mistakes do happen.  And I’m determined to keep my Passport safe from those!

Seidio’s case and holster combination is quite impressive. I decided to go for both for maximum real-world protection and I’m not disappointed. This combination is meant to be used together, although Seidio does offer just a case or just a holster if that is what suits you. First, the case:

As seen in the picture above, the case, is actually two pieces, a bottom piece, and a top piece.  The top piece covers a bit more than half of the device. To get the phone into it, you align the sides to the sides of your phone and just slide it on. The bottom piece then slides onto the bottom and secures itself to the top half of the case. What I like about these are the soft touch exteriors. They feel almost like suede, very smooth, with a bit of grippyness. The insides are covered in a soft, felt-like material, which will protect the phone’s exterior from scratches. If you turn the phone face down, it raises the device just enough so the face of the phone isn’t lying flat against it.  I haven’t experienced any interference with swiping on the screen or keypad, and I don’t think there would be any issues for anyone else. There are cutouts for the volume keys, usb/charging port, and volume keys, and all are cut perfectly.  The cut for the power key is wider and longer than the power key itself, so the case will not interfere with powering the device on and off and/or locking it.  With the exception of these cutouts, the device is completely covered, including those gorgeous silver sides. But that’s ok.  It’s all about protection!






The holster, at first glance, is just a holster. It has a rotating belt clip that is sturdy, and grips to the belt loops or the waist of my pants just fine. But closer inspection reveals the same soft, felt-like material on the inside. The clip for the phone is spring-loaded and made of a sturdy plastic.  It sits just above the rear camera lens and has a protective strip on it, no doubt to protect the case from indentations or other marks.











When the combo is complete and put together, this device is thoroughly protected! I think it will survive me, even! It doesn’t add weight to the device, but there is a bit more bulk to it. For me, this is just fine, the more surface I have a death grip on, the safer the phone!  Will I use the holster all of the time?  Probably not, but when I need it, I’ll have it and use it, and know that one more BlackBerry has survived!

You can find the link to order it from Seidio U.S.A. here


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