Seidio Brings BlackBerry KEYone Products

Finally, my favorite case maker produces a case for my current phone! And I am not pleased.

**Update: Seidio has informed us that there will be more case options made available for the BlackBerry KEYone this week **

I’m a huge fan of Seidio and their phone cases. Specifically, their Surface case with Clip Holster combo. I’ve had this combo for a few of my BlackBerry phones, and have been anxiously awaiting for their offering for the KEYone.

Well, Seidio is now offering a case and holster for the KEYone, and I won’t be getting either. This is not the Surface case I’ve been waiting on. Not at all.

Instead this is the Dilex case, and it’s rather odd looking. With a “certified 6 ft. impact protection with unique corner cushion and dual layer design” it’s sure to protect your phone. But that unique corner cushion is certainly unique. So unique I find it odd. I find it entirely too odd. The KEYone is a striking phone in appearance. This case will ensure it won’t be impressing anyone.

As for the holster that’s being offered? It’s for a naked KEYone. Unfortunately, if I’m wearing a holster, I’m going to want a case on the phone.

Oddly enough, Seidio has a splash across their screen of a KEYone in a very attractive case. The case I would like. Let’s hope we see this case offered soon. I have contacted Seidio and will update this post with any further information.



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