Seidio Holster for your Passport



I ordered this holster a couple of weeks ago from Amazon. It arrived yesterday.

I really needed a good way of carrying my passport at the gym and neither of the other two cases I tried work very well for my needs but I was impressed with this one.

For those of you that are thinking why carry a Passport at the gym I say why not? The phone is tougher than most and sounds great. I can train without having to worry about missing an important call, thanks to the case.

The build quality is excellent and it is very comfortable to wear, you hardly feel it’s presence. All the buttons and ports are readily available and the phone can sit in the holster however you want it to, backward, forward, upside down it fits all the same and the device is comfortably secure.



As I said, I purchased the unit from Amazon, I won’t provide a link as it depends on your location. Just search for Seidio Passport.




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