Security Researcher Confirms That Jeep Hack Has Nothing To Do With QNX


Several days ago KIA Research reported on the Jeep hack attempting to shed light on the Jeep hack while implying that it may have had something to do with QNX.

This so called reveal was quickly picked up by other internet “experts” including Wired who continued to spread the misinformation without doing any back ground research or doing the simplest thing and contacting the research group who first discovered this vulnerability.  Seems like the logical thing to do but I suppose clicks and FUD take precedence over accurate reporting these days.

BlackBerry has already fact checked this completely off base reporting but today it has gone even one step further.  Charlie Miller, one of the security researchers who uncovered this vulnerability confirmed via twitter that this hack has nothing to do with QNX security.

This not only supports what BlackBerry initially stated but calls into questions the credibility of KIA and all others who picked up this completely off base report.   We are waiting for retractions and rewrites from all these “professional” sites but I won’t hold my breath as accurate reporting doesn’t seem to be the norm with these click happy sites.