Security Is Boring… Watch This Car Being Driven Off The Road By Hackers With The Driver At The Wheel!!!


John Chen said it himself, security, to the average consumer, is boring. They don’t seem to care whether Facebook or Whatsapp, Apple or Google take all their information and do with it as they please INCLUDING splashing their phone number all over the place.

But what about the Internet of Things? What happens when everything is connected? Is security boring then?

Not if your car is taken over by someone sat at home when you are travelling at 70 mph it’s not which is EXACTLY what happened to the Wired (and very brave) journalist Andy Greenberg…

First they put a picture of themselves on the satnav, then they turned the volume up full on the radio and whacked the fans on.

Then the windscreen wipers, accelerator (they made him crawl along the motorway) and ultimately the brakes before parking him up and driving the car into a ditch.

All this, of course, is why BlackBerry’s future is firmly in the Internet of Things. Because no one else comes anywhere close in terms of mobile security (the cars are scanned across the Sprint network to find them) and one day the appalling human ramifications of Apple and Google’s business plan will become very clear indeed.

Oh, as Andy says, at one point he ‘gripped his iPhone’.

You’d have thought after this demonstration he’d have clung to a BlackBerry.


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  • nnik

    As soon as I can breathe I’ll write a comment. ..lmao!

  • Anthony

    It’s amazing how auto makers are caught so unprepared for hacking.

  • KING_Kia

    LOL, I gonna buy an aPPle car!!!
    Check it out!

  • Berry_Goooood

    BGR posted an article about iOS9 security today that I almost pissed my pants reading… here is an excerpt that pretty much sums it up:

    “Calling iOS the most secure mobile OS on the planet, Bekrar adds…..”

    ROTFLMAO…. drink up the Apple kool-aid Bekrar… drink it up.

  • Yeah. Security is a utility like electricity; it doesn’t drive buying decisions and you don’t think about it until it’s gone (for consumers).

    I’m banking on the marketplace recognizing the value of BB10/QNX at some point in a more widespread fashion even if it’s not the end user. There will be lots of companies trying to make money in the IoT and they’ll need some standard network and device OS to make it happen. Many of these companies will want it to be secure.