Security Alert : Don’t use those Web Cameras

Israeli security firm discovers multiple vulnerabilities in popular webcams

Security on the web is getting lot of attention these days. A firm called Checkmarx did some research on Web Cameras. They randomly picked 2 cameras that are low cost and sell well in online stores. Both cameras are priced between $30-$40.

The first camera is Loftek CXS-2200 and the Israeli research firm found more than a dozen vulnerabilities. The main vulnerability could allow a hacker to send malware links to the camera owner and get control over the camera.

The second camera is VStarcam C7837WIP, that according to Checkmarx research, uses an almost identical OS to the Loftek CXS. The main issue with VStarcam is that when the user connects the camera to a home WiFi network, a hacker can use the camera while getting access the the router.

Checkmarx sent messages to the cameras manufacturers in March this year, but didn’t get any response. As users, all you can do is just be aware and don’t but any cameras that don’t receive security updates on a regular basis.



Roy Shpitalnik

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