Securing a Web of Everything is it possible. Who will do it?


Internet of Things

In case you’ve missed it, there’s a shift in the tech winds of late. A new direction is emerging. It’s not easily missed actually, the largest tech companies in the world are pivoting hard to ensure they don’t miss out. The “Web of Everything” otherwise known as the “internet of things” is fast approaching, becoming a common topic of the day. Mega Corporations Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft are moving fast to keep their names in the headlines. Moving faster, buying up tech startups & producing wearable products. They believe will win the day. Giving them an edge in the future “WOE”
Reading the headlines & talking to people with less to gain, nothing to prove. This conversation quickly turns to one of security.
“By 2025, we will have long ago given up our privacy. The Internet of Things, will demand– we give willingly–our souls.”

Not one of the above mentioned companies can be regarded as a serious security minded Co. Each one of these companies has recently been in the news, for what can only be described as massive security breaches! Some examples below;

decryptedtech” Cryptolocker like malware hits Android.” Major Apple security flaw patched?” Avivas iphones hit by heartbleed hack!

The above are but the tip of the iceberg, there are literally hundreds of hacks that have been discovered. Malware is rotting their OS from the inside out. Beyond that, it’s known that each one of these Companies is actively working with government institutions. Divulging your personal data, your daily internet uses to entities such as the NSA. It all goes from scary to intimidating, when we consider some of the extremely personal future data that will be available to them. Health-care records, continuous GPS location monitoring. How you interact with everything inside your home or out. These are just a few examples. They don’t even begin to consider the other nefarious institutions or individuals that will undoubtedly be looking to gain access to your personal data & identity.
It becomes obvious why people are becoming so concerned for the future Web of Everything. Companies with the power & influence to direct where & how, much of the future WOE will play out. Simply don’t care about any individual’s security or identity. We’re simply numbers, they call customers!

blue layered.psd

Google goes so far to tell us that their users shouldn’t even expect privacy!
Like whom do we think we are?  “
The Web of Everything is far greater than the current consumer & enterprise markets of Internet & mobility combined. It will soon encompass all that & a whole lot more. It’s been said the WOE will rival the importance of the industrial revolution. Albeit with a time frame far shorter.

From Medical & Healthcare to Buildings & Homes, City infrastructure & security, Energy grids, Mega industrial complexes, Military and more. They’re all going to be major cornerstones. It’s clear the issues around securing the WOE are simply enormous & getting bigger with time.

Is it possible to secure all that’s needed?
With all these different Companies clamoring to carve out the biggest pieces possible for themselves. Not worrying at all about an individual’s right to privacy or security? Acting recklessly and thinking only of their bottom line, born out of their current heritage. At a time like this, is security actually possible?


I believe it is! Enter BlackBerryQNX.
BlackBerry and subsidiary QNX are far from the media darlings. The ones that get to bask in the attention provided by tech and financial mainstream media. No that’s saved for others, who’s cash pile and influence are currently far superior.
BlackBerry is currently in the middle of a drawn out mobile device turnaround. The media has mostly ignored their offerings. Instead they’ve focused on distant past negatives. In BlackBerry’s world this means they rehash old and out dated perception. As if what happened 2 or 3 years ago is more relevant then what’s currently going on inside the company. The media seems blind to the growing importance that BlackBerryQNX will provide to the market.

Luckily for us, Blackberry has continued to move forward. QNX has continued to expand the world’s most secure RTOS. Into many of the verticals that will soon become the Web of Everything.


Above is a list of only some of the industrial heavyweights currently using the QNX RTOS. Understanding that QNX has long held the advantages of being an industrial/military grade RTOS. That it’s been deployed far and wide in applications that demand security and reliability. This becomes the starting point we all need to better understand how QNX, can and will provide the security that the WOE requires.


To help focus the thought a bit better, let’s examine the current battle going on inside the automotive industry, for in car infotainment.
BlackBerryQNX has held the lead in this market for many years. The only real competition was at one time Microsoft. They once provided the solution for Ford Motor Co. The Microsoft Sync system has long been plagued with many operationally difficulties.
It now appears, Ford did the only thing they could. They’ve dropped MS Sync and adopted the industry leading OS, BlackBerryQNX RTOS.” Why Microsoft lost Ford sync.
It’s easy to understand why Ford made the switch. The stability & features of the award-winning, QNX RTOS will keep Fords unhappy customers happy for the duration of their ownership with the vehicle. The BlackBerryQNX OS is backwards compatible, allowing manufacturers to continue updating the system for years into the future.
Also by doing this (here’s the cherry on top for Ford & possibly others) Ford will insure that the millions of iphone users out there, that drive Ford products. Will be able to enjoy the highly acclaimed “by the media” Apple Car Play system.
You see the dirty little secret behind Apples Car Play system. Is that it requires the QNX RTOS to be installed in the automobile first, as the core OS. IOS will simply be a mirror of the iphone running on top of QNX  “” Guess which company powers Apple carplay? (Hint it starts with a Black and ends with a Berry)

This little detail once examined more closely becomes very significant for a few reasons.
Firstly, that the BlackBerryQNX system will always be there, it’ll always be on. Apple may power your iTunes or some other app. But it’ll be a BlackBerryQNX digital instrument cluster in the dash. It’ll have the QNX RTOS running the system & it’ll have the BB10 software, services and security ready and available. If and when the time comes you tire of the IOS UI. You’ll always have the option to eject IOS and rely on the foundation of the system, BlackBerryQNX.
Secondly, once Ford made this move. You can add those customers to all the current QNX customers (currently over 50% market share in hundreds of vehicle models). With that, you’ll have an industry lead increasingly harder to break. It’ll be far easier to just follow the industry.
BlackBerryQNX already runs the Android OS virtually like an app. Considering this, if Google truly wants into the automotive infotainment game. They best just go along with the industry standard. Indeed it’s highly likely Microsoft themselves will choose this option. Or undoubtedly suffer failure in the automotive world.

So here’s the kicker.
What’s been described above is that the BlackBerryQNX RTOS has the ability to play the role of the Swiss. Securely, reliably & without bias. They can run and secure all the other available mobile Operating Systems in the market, on the back of the BlackBerryQNX RTOS.
This inter-operability of operating systems will allow for users to have more choices. Relieve us from the walled gardens some companies have created around their eco systems. Including the content we’ve purchased. It will allow us to enhance our own personal security. It will allow us to better protect our identity in applications where it’s needed, by customers whom prefer to do so.

This takes me back to the coming Web of Everything.
The fact is, the strategy employed by BlackBerry with its in car QNX Car OS. Is going to look a lot like the strategy they will employ in many other vertical markets that are growing into the Web of Everything as we speak. Consider the medical applications being launched or the connected home apps. These are areas where I and many others would like to see a more robust layer of security involved. Not having to solely rely on the companies who are simply preoccupied with racing each other to market, thereby neglecting security again. Instead choosing BlackBerry and their industry leading security, will lead many to sleep better at night.

QNX has industrial OS heritage. That heritage includes long standing business relationships that go back decades. QNX RTOS is already deployed in virtually every corner of the globe.
Take the BlackBerryQNX RTOS, couple it with BlackBerry BES12. You have the ability to securely manage Google’s Android, Apples IOS and Microsoft WP operating systems.
BlackBerry 10 is the only mobile OS to ever receive untouched FIPS 401 Certification. This certification was awarded to BlackBerry long before the QNX based BB10 OS even launched in early 2013. This is a huge vote of confidence in them. Not only that, it’s still the only mobile OS to have full DOD access.  “BlackBerryBizblog

You have to wonder? Have we just found the security that everyone is looking for inside the Web of Everything? I believe we have.


Not only does BlackBerry have FIPS Certifications for BB10. They hold the same certifications for their Android and IOS, “Secure Work Space” application for securing data on those platforms. An untouchable accomplishments for any other vendor for years to come, if ever!  “

After reading this and by doing your own research. Does it start to make sense? Do you start to see why it’s so important for BlackBerry to actually accomplish this task?
If you do, you’re not alone!
Recently Rob Enderle, President and principal analyst at Enderle Group. Authored the aptly named article “BlackBerry Battles Google for the Internet of Things: Let’s Hope BlackBerry Wins”  “

I don’t believe I’m going too far by saying. Quite possibly our privacy & security as consumers, our identity as individuals may just depend on it!
I don’t kid myself. The task in the hands of BlackBerry is quite simply enormous! 1/10 analysts believe $BBRY can’t pull it off! They believe essentially BlackBerry is dead.
A David facing down 3 or more Goliath’s at best.
Well there’s something some of us need to remember. Quite frankly, this is something the Mainstream media would never admit to in favor of BlackBerry, even though 100% true.
The industrial lead that BlackBerry QNX & their RTOS already hold, considering their strengths in Security, BES 10/12, Embedded Systems, QNX RTOS, M2M, MDM, EMM, BBM, EBBM The NOC, Certifications, Patent protected & patent pending technology. The likes of which are unmatched by their peers! And the list goes on.
The fact is all this is quite simply enormous as well!

Above I provided a list of some of QNX RTOS core customer base. A long standing, well-educated customer’s base! They know QNX; they’ve worked with QNX for decades. They trust & rely on QNX! And guess what, well they just happen to be the Goliath’s of industry!
That’s not even mentioning the QNX adoption from the most powerful Militaries of the world. Think N.A.T.O, think Navy, Air force, F35 Raptors, Abrahams Tanks. Think about complete military integration.

Having said all that, do I believe the David that is BlackBerryQNX will prevail? Of this all I can say is I am certain of it! Not simply to slay giants. That won’t be necessary. But perhaps only to become a Goliath!



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  • wkrgr

    Thank you for this post PING.

    I truly believe that the battle for the Internet of Things will be won by BlackBerry, and I would not feel comfortable if it were any other company. No other tech company has the clean record that BlackBerry has in terms of its customers’ security. I used to be very invested in Google’s suite of online products, but overtime I’ve had an unpleasant feeling, mistrust of their form of ‘Do no evil’. They may say that they value our privacy, but do they really? They’ve messed up before (, how many times has this gone unnoticed?

    Keeping things short, I have no qualms about BlackBerry and the Internet of Things. I’d be worried if they weren’t getting involved.

    • Thanks. Seems were in safe hands with BlackBerry. I’ve had my own issues with Google services. I completely stopped using them and don’t miss em a bit..

  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    What a beautiful post. It was a pleasure reading this and I only wish the “non- believers” would finally open their eyes to the truth. One phrase actually gave me goosebumps…

    “we give willingly–our souls”

    What worries me most about those words is that it’s true. People don’t even care anymore and only do as they’re told.

    • Thank you, it was a pleasure to wright.
      Seems as everyday passes, more and more data comes to light. BlackBerry enthusiasts have known the importance of security for a long time. It’s getting harder and harder for the media to hide these facts. Time is now on our side. IMO..