How Secure Is Your Personal Information? Is It BlackBerry Secure?

Having your personal information kept secure should be a number one priority these days. We are constantly hearing about new hacks that leave people’s valuable and personal information vulnerable to hackers. We at UTB are trying to keep our readers updated on these hacks such as the Yahoo, Netgear routers, Facebook Messenger, iMessage hacks, the list goes on and on. On a weekly basis we are hearing of new hacks or vulnerabilities, and this is never going to end.

Hackers are getting smarter and smarter, as soon as a vulnerability is patched, they find another way to get around it, or simply find something else to hack. It is a constant battle to keep on top of security, or at least try to minimise the chances of a hack.

Being BlackBerry owners, we have always been privileged to have the most secure devices. Both BB10 and BlackBerry Android devices are yet to be hacked. BB10 OS is THE MOST SECURE OS available. It’s why Governments, Military, Banking and Enterprise organisations around the world are using it. It has recently received NIAP certification as we reported here.

BlackBerry Android devices are very close behind. The hardware is secured to prevent “rooting” by a secured boot up. The software installed on such as the DTEK app keeps users in the know when it comes to malicious apps installed, app permissions and what features each app is using. The three current BlackBerry Android devices, Priv, DTEK50 and the DTEK60 are the most secure Android devices on the market.

To keep things as secure as possible, BlackBerry are on top when it comes to monthly security updates and patches for their Android devices. So when it comes to owning a mobile phone with top notch security, you simply cannot beat a BlackBerry. Whether that’s a BB10 or BlackBerry Android, you know that BlackBerry are number one at keeping you secure on your mobile device.

However, this got me to thinking. While I know that the information on my BlackBerry is secure, what about my information such as my contact details etc on my friends, family and business associates phones? Whether they are using an iPhone, Samsung, LG etc, how can I know the my details that are stored on their devices can’t be hacked or compromised?

I can do everything in my power to ensure that my information is protected on my device. But what about my information that is stored on everyone else’s phones? My phone numbers, email addresses, Birthday and even my home address is vulnerable. How can I rely on everyone else to have top notch security as a priority to protect my information on their device?

This is where we, as BlackBerry fans, need to highlight to our friends, family and work colleagues the importance of security. We need to tell them of the latest hacks and vulnerabilities, how they can be exposed. We need to highlight the importance of taking care of their valuable information, and the information of everyone else that is stored on their phones.

Better yet, we need to show them why they need a BlackBerry to keep their information safe. The secure hardware, the monthly Android security updates, the fact that BlackBerry is number 1 when it comes to security. Nothing else comes close. They can still have all the apps they want with Android, the great specs, especially with a Priv or the new DTEK60. But best of all, they can have piece of mind knowing that whatever they do on their phones, they are being kept safe in doing so. Protected by the number 1 name in mobile security, BlackBerry.

So join me in spreading the word. Tell everyone you know that you value your privacy. Tell them that that a BlackBerry device is the best device to do this. Show them your BlackBerry and highlight the many great features that are built in. Show them the fantastic software that is built in. Show them the best keyboard, be it physical or virtual keyboard that BlackBerry is renowned for.  Tell them about the numerous BlackBerry models that are currently available, there’s one to suit everybody’s requirements and budget.

Together we can build awareness. Awareness that BlackBerry is not dead, but alive and well. Tell them that you value your privacy, that you only trust BlackBerry to do this. Spread the word, be proud of your BlackBerry and let everyone know that BlackBerry isn’t going anywhere. BlackBerry is here to stay!