Search for and Stream your Favorite Songs with Groovy for BlackBerry 10


For those of you who like to stream music, there is the perfect app that is available right now for you in BlackBerry World.  Groovy is a app, similar to others like “Grooveshark,” that allows you to search through a library containing millions of music titles and live stream your favorite MP3 songs.

With a Simple UI and fast loading, Groovy is an excellent app to have on your BlackBerry 10 device for live streaming and contains the following features listed below


  • Search for MP3s and Songs
  • Listen to MP3s and Songs
  • Play MP3s with the invoked MediaPlayer Card
  • “InstantPlay”, play MP3s with the in-app player and search for the next song at the same time
  • Control music with your hardware buttons
  • Repeat Song (if playing with “InstantPlay”)
  • Shows Cover
  • Extended Device-Search Integration (search for music from the assistant)
  • Ability to remove ads with in-app purchase
  • BBM™-Connected

Note: This app is not endorsed or certified by any streaming services. It does not host MP3 files within the app, the app only shows results and plays MP3s from a streaming service.

Available for free at BlackBerry World! Get it now at



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