Screen Protectors – Do You Or Don’t You?

Earlier today we were talking about screen protectors. Some of us don’t feel the need in them, feeling that BlackBerry is rugged enough for daily life. Others of us feel the need to protect our BlackBerry, not wanting to risk our most prized mobile tech.

What say you? Do you wear protection? Or do you like it naked?

If you use a screen protector, what’s your type? You like them thick and guaranteed? Or do you go for the cheap multi-packs so you always have something fresh? Slick and shiny? Or a plain Jane matte? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you’re in to!


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  • xBURK

    Definitely need an Anti Glare protector on all my BlackBerry devices. I just like the way your finger can glide on the screen as if it was like paper. I find gloss protectors and leaving it naked smudge and make your fingers stick while swiping.

    • Brad

      Agree. I buy packs of the cheap matte finish protectors. Love the feel. And if I get a scratch, I can just throw a new one on. Bought a Zagg on a previous device, couldn’t handle the sticky feel of it, and took it off after about a week.

  • Canuckvoip

    I like naked, but I like more the idea that my screen will take a beating/drop better with a screen protector. So… I put up with it.
    Z30 has a cheap smooth one, Z10 has a Zagg that’s been on there for over a year.

  • Vorkosigan

    Normally I use a Zagg, but it does seem to get sticky after awhile so then I take it off. Once it’s off I fall in love with the smooth glide of a naked screen all over again. It’s hard then to put another screen protector on and usually takes some kind near miss to make me do it.

    @xBURK What is the brand name of the one that makes the screen feel like paper? Maybe I’d like that better?

  • Trev

    I like my phones how I like my women – shameless! Er, wait, naked! Yes, that’s it.
    Usually I keep my phone in my left pocket by itself so there really isn’t anything to scratch it.

  • I often go “naked” without a case because I love the look and feel of my Z10 and Q10, but I always have a genuine BB screen protector on just in case. They are so good, you can’t tell they’re on.

  • Bastakiatavich

    Just ordered a zagg, not happy with current screen protector on Z30. The rest of phone is gorgeous in all its nakedness.

  • bungaboy

    I usually use Zagg.

  • nnik

    Now…what we really need to know is where do you carry your Z30?