Just How Easy is the Jet Black iPhone 7 to Scratch?

As many iPhone users picked up their Jet Black iPhone 7 today, we wonder how many will wake up to that glossy finish being scratched tomorrow morning?

How prone to scratching is the Jet Black iPhone 7 anyway? Apparently pretty damned prone! It’s so prone to it, that Apple has been proactive about it by putting a disclaimer on the phone’s order page.

CNet has done a scratch test video on the new iPhone. I’m betting a lot of users will be wishing they had seen this video before they picked up their device. CNet tested the Jet Black iPhone 7 against a regular version of the iPhone 6.

Some of the results won’t surprise you. Rubbing a small piece of denim doesn’t scratch the phone. Putting the phone in a freezer bag full of purse contents does. Like I said, no surprises there. But watch as they rub the iPhone across a desk. Those are some ugly scratches.

The iPhone case industry shall be thanking Apple for years to come.




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