Scientific Proof that Bird-Brains Like iPhones

Chloe Rainey was an innocent blogger, out for a run at the beach, when she suddenly found herself victim to fowl play! The blogger had set her iPhone up to record herself running, in portrait mode no less, when suddenly a sly bird thought he would abscond with her phone.

The thief, identified as Sammy Seagull grabbed her iPhone and ran with it a few yards before dropping it and escaping before authorities arrived.  Authorities are alerting residents to be on the lookout for Sammy. The white thief has a distinctive walk due to a webbed toe deformity, and has bad taste in personal electronics.


Ok, so the police aren’t looking for Sammy, in fact, we’re pretty sure Sammy isn’t really his name. In truth a girl set her iPhone up to record herself running around some stairs, and a bird grabbed her iPhone. And I found the video funny.

A message to Chloe, in the future, record in landscape. No one likes watching portrait videos.




“My name’s not Sammy!”


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