Schedule Messages & Make Themes With The New Telegram

Telegram has released a new update.

Telegram has released another new update that brings a few new exciting features.

Users can now schedule messages. Now, you don’t even have to be awake to send those annoying late night messages. Simply press and hold the send button, and you’re presented with the option to “send without sound” (an addition from the previous update) and “schedule message”. The nice thing about this, is that you can use it in your “Saved Messages” thereby using Telegram as a reminder app.

Heading into chat settings you will see a new easy way to set your themes. You can even use a color wheel to get the exact color you want. Once you get your theme set as you like, you can share it to others. Old time BBM users will surely love this ability.

Have you been using animated emoji? A few emoji will appear as animated stickers when sent by themselves. Check out the heart, press it when it’s on your screen and you can feel the heartbeat. Telegram has added a few more animated emoji to the mix, so if your favorite hasn’t arrived yet, there’s still hope.

Are you using Telegram? Are you liking the new updates? Be sure to share your own themes here in the comments below.

Source: Telegram


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