Scathing New Report Says ‘If You Do One Thing Today – Delete Whatsapp’


As we BlackBerrians know, Whatsapp is a poor mans BBM. It took the idea, copied it, used phone numbers rather than PIN numbers and, through such a mechanism, added a very handy bit of programming to add contacts like a man possessed. In the process, whilst BlackBerry were slow to react, grabbing themselves the largest slice of the messaging pie.

And for that, fair play to them. But, as we all know, one thing got lost along the way. The privacy and security of the user.

Now, in a damning report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (or EFF) Whatsapp has been named the WORST messaging app at keeping users data private or secure as reported by the Daily Express in the UK:

EFF has been running the report, which is called “Who Has Your Back?”, since 2011. This is the first time popular cross-platform messaged WhatsApp has been included in the report.

Despite giving WhatsApp a full year to prepare for the survey, the firm “has adopted none of the best practices we’ve identified as part of this report”, wrote EFF.

WhatsApp does not require a warrant before handing over content sent and received by customers, according to the EFF report.

The report adds: “WhatsApp should publicly require a warrant before turning over user content, publish a law enforcement guide and transparency report, have a stronger policy of informing users of government requests, and disclose its data retention policies.”

EFF ranks technology companies according to five criteria –

1) Whether the firm follows the best practices for data security

2) Whether users are informed when the government requests for users’ private data and content

3) Whether the company has published public policies concerning retaining their customer’s data

4) Whether they reveal when the government has requested content be removed

5) Finally, whether they publicly oppose the idea of governments creating a backdoor into the services to allow easy-access to private content

WhatsApp has failed almost EVERY criteria. People concerned about keeping their data private should DELETE WhatsApp and steer clear of Google and Microsoft services.

The EFF didn’t include BBM in their survey. Perhaps they should have done.

Because if they had the title of the Express piece would have been somewhat different:

‘Why DELETING WhatsApp AND SWITCHING TO BBM could be the smartest thing you do all day’

I mean, come on… look at the above.

Do you use Whatsapp?

If you do, don’t you understand how words can be twisted? How innocent things can be made to damn you? And if you can’t see any of this and you really do think you are better off with Whatsapp than BBM I’m afraid I only have one question…

Are you mad?


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  • jackielive

    Pleased to say it’s been a few years since I used What’s App. Didn’t get the hype and was forced to use because some of my old bbm buddies couldn’t wait for bb10 and went Android/IOS so we formed some whats app groups to stay in touch. It drained the smartphones dry and was not the BBM experience we were all use to.
    Those buddies and I are still in touch but now via BBM since it went cross platform.

    It’s interesting to hear them moan about their android/ios experiences. Not that I care. BlackBerry through and through. Never left to come back and glad I’m still using BlackBerry and free of intrusive privacy breaking apps like this one.

  • Anthony

    Their list excludes BBM. A mediocre article.

  • KING_Kia

    NO to whatsapp & facebook.

  • Brad

    I tried Whatsapp some time ago. Before I really knew anyone else on BBM. Tried it with cross platform friends who couldn’t get BBM at the time.

    It was complete and utter crap.

    And we went back to SMS

  • WhatsApp is the worst messaging app I can think of. Why anyone who keeps business and personal contacts on their device, would ever use WhatsApp, is beyond me. The app does not allow you to separate your business and personal lives. It’s ridiculous.

  • scott-reid

    As soon as BBM went cross platform, u deleted WhatsApp like a hot potato.

  • scott-reid

    As soon as BBM went cross platform, I deleted WhatsApp like a hot potato.

  • miker476

    I have never used Whatsapp … and never will. As I understand it, when you install the app, it sends a message to all your contacts that you now use Whatsapp … similar to what Voxer did. BTW, after that little activity, I immediately deleted Voxer. If I want to let someone know I have an app, I’ll do it myself, Thank You.

    But on an entirely different note, if you need a good P-T-T app, give Zello a try … it’s real-time and awesome!!!

  • bartron

    I never even considered using WhatsApp. I knew right away it was garbage. I stopped using FB too.