Say – is that an iPhone 7 in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?



While perusing a few news feeds I came across the following, “New iPhone 7 Leak Will Anger Everyone“.

I had to stop and do a double take! According to the article iPhonians will be upset with the “huge camera bulge“. It would appear that Apple did not innovate the ‘outie’, they simply perfected it. In addition, there will be no earphone jack forcing them to fork over additional money to buy earphones outfitted with a lightning adapter plug.

Personally, if I were an iPhonian I would be more upset about Apple’s continued abuse of workers in China – conditions that are so bad they require suicide nets around the living quarters.

I would be upset that if a contact asked me to send them a picture I could not easily attach the picture to my email reply.

I would be upset that I overpaid for technology that is 2 – 3 years old.

I would be upset that I’m crippled by their ecosystem (walled-off garden) – NFC is just one example.

I might also be upset that the most profitable corporation in history is constantly thinking up ways to suck more money out of my wallet.

I would be upset that every iteration of iOS or MacOS that is rolled out is flawed, may brick iPhones and will require 3 or 4 updates to get it right.

I might be upset that the company aids and abets terrorists like Facebook.

I would be upset that they care so little about my privacy and security because the iPhone is so easily hacked.


Wow, I don’t even own an iPhone and I’m upset…….


image courtesy of OnLeaks






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