Save £50 on the KEYone at Carphone Warehouse

Pick up the awesome BlackBerry Mobile KEYᵒⁿᵉ from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse – discount now available!

The English retailer Carphone Warehouse are now cutting off 10% from the KEYone price and you can get it for £449. The original price was £499. Carphone Warehouse are the first retailer to offer a discount for the BlackBerry Mobile device.

The new deal is only for SIM only and not for a contract deal. If you want the device on regular contracted deal, you will find some from £37 per month.

Carphone Warehouse are well-known as BlackBerry supporters when it comes to selling devices. We all remember the lines in store back in the BB10 days.

If you live in the UK and want the KEYone, you now have a new reason to buy this wonderful piece of phone.

KEYone on Carphone Warehouse

Roy Shpitalnik

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