Savage Returns for Mythbusters Jr.

Original Mythbusters host, Adam Savage, is on board for a Junior edition of the popular show.

Mythbusters became a huge hit for the Discovery network as it pushed the boundaries of Hollywood fantasies to prove what is real in the world of science and physics. Hosts, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman brought together a team of scientists to test theories and prove them right or wrong. It could easily be given attribution for helping catapult the STEAM movement among modern educators and theorists.

The original showrun ended in 2016, after Hyneman and Savage busted through fourteen seasons. The Science network picked it up with new hosts in 2017, and have since carried the torch.

Now, Adam Savage has confirmed he will return to the franchise for Mythbusters Jr. The original host will have a team of up-and-coming young scientists to guide on their journey to prove what is practical and what is fantastical in the world of science.

The draw for Savage’s return was the opportunity to share his knowledge and empower the next generation as they fuel their need for scientific discovery. The show will continue on in the same vein that made it popular. They will blend the knowledge of science and special effects to understand what is real and what can be chalked up to Hollywood magic and clever writing.

The experiments are the highlights of the show, but having Savage back as a mentor for the next generation will help bridge the gap for fans looking for the nostalgic link to the original.


Erica Davis

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