Saturday Stars! Emstar’s Choice Channels, 24 Jan 2015


Oh my goodness it’s already Saturday – good thing I have a great channel to feature today. Only one, you ask? Well, our Dear Leader (UTB Brad) has assured me I have editorial control over my channel features within reason. I intend to push that boundary eventually though I do wonder if UTB Brad even reads UTB – he IS terribly busy.

Anyway, today’s channel is C001CC6D7 Ready. Set. JOE! run by my good friend, UTB’s own bbjoe2011. I should warn you, it is not politically correct and often more than a little NSFW. Offering a random but well-curated selection of memes, cars, girls, and BlackBerry, Ready Set JOE is a great choice to fill the idle minutes. Plus when he isn’t being grumpy, he’s quite a funny guy and keeps his channel chat open, so make sure you say hi.

Have a channel suggestion for my Saturday features? Feel free to drop it in the comments or in my forum thread.

Happy Channeling!