Saturday Stars! Emstar’s Choice Channels, 17 Jan 2015


It’s that time of week again! In selecting my channels for this week, I considered that many people are on a diet in January. That being the case, what could be more cruel than featuring some food channels? Muahahaha!

First up is Athletic Eatery C0022322C – Alright, this is my quasi-nod to the dieters among you. Mr B, the channel’s admin, presents a quirky mix of fitness, food art, smoothie recipes and so on. It’s a fun channel and it’s updated often.

Next up are a couple of barbecue and grilling channels. Now, ordinarily I’d have used a slash there (barbecue/grilling) but that would imply that barbecue and grilling are the same thing and I have been quite sternly informed that they are not. The important thing is that they involve meat, and meat is delicious. American BBQ and Grilling C0029CDEE and Chillin and Grillin with Dave C000CAE94 both make my mouth water on a regular basis – great pictures and informative content.

Chef Matt Eats C001430B0 is a channel run by an actual chef! This is a small channel and the posts are sometimes a little sporadic but I’m always interested to see what Chef Matt cooks up next.

Finally, two GIANT channels, Gusto Food & Drink C00289E09 and The Culinary Assassin C003EA633. Gusto has been around awhile and with 200k+ subscribers, chances are good that you already subscribe. The posts are usually food recipes and methods with some stunning photography, or drink recipes for the kind of super-elaborate cocktail that is fun to look at but you’d have to be much less lazy than I am to actually make them. I’m a relatively new subscriber to The Culinary Assassin, but it seems to have a lot of high quality content as well.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t do at least a little self-promotion. UTB’s own Ray689 runs Food Porn C00407B21, which is exactly what its title suggests. Do not subscribe hungry. I also – ahem – happen to have a food channel: Sorta Kinda Bento Lunch C001A8DC6.

That’s it for this week. Want to suggest a channel for me to check out? Feel free to drop it in the comments or in my forum thread.

Happy Channeling!