SaskTel To Offer The BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic Coming To SaskTel
BlackBerry Classic Coming To SaskTel

Two days before the official launch of the BlackBerry Classic, SaskTel is the next Canadian carrier to announce availability of the device for their customers.  Pricing and plan details are not yet available as the device is currently showing as “coming soon”.

SaskTel did, however, have some very nice things to say about the Classic:

It takes more than fast thumbs and a stone cold focus to stay on top of your inbox and the day’s priorities. BlackBerry® Classic is the ultimate communications tool.

The BlackBerry Classic features a keyboard and navigation keys designed for optimal speed and accuracy, a large square touch screen, a battery that powers through, and the ability to install both Android and BlackBerry Apps.

Short, to the point, and very well stated; they’ve touched all the key points.  It’s great to see more carriers coming on board as we anxiously await the official launch on December 17th.


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