Samsung’s Ultimate Test Drive Pays Off For Those That Ditch iPhone


Just one week ago we wrote about Samsung’s Ultimate Test Drive  being offered to iPhone users. This program targets current iPhone users, allowing them to try out a new model Samsung phone for 30 days for $1.

Samsung marketing has been known to go directly after Apple’s iPhone but this program was taking this rivalry to a whole new level. Is it indicative that Samsung believes their devices are so much better than the iPhone and they believe that iPhone users will flip if they just use a Samsung? Is it an act of desperation since Samsung has had such a hard time meeting their sales plans? I believe it’s both.

Now Samsung is taking the test drive a step further. They’ll pay those users that decide to switch devices.

Users that take the Ultimate Test Drive, and purchase a Samsung phone, are now eligible to receive $100 Google Play credit, and can receive an additional $100 if they trade in their old iPhone.

This $200 offer surely gives the program more of a taste of desperation than anything.

I’d like to see an iPhone user that completed the 30 day Samsung Ultimate Testdrive, then use a BB10 device for 30 days. A true comparison between the three platforms? I believe there would be a definitive winner.

Source: Samsung


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  • Anthony

    Maybe not “desperation” and more like “business as usual” for Samsung. A page from their business manual. locco_smiley_26

  • I didn’t know about this. Wow! That’s aggressive! But hey, if this is “desperation,” what about all the B.S that Apple does!? Bullying their customers, the press, and the carriers… is that desperation? I mean, they have more cash than the entire Russian stock market. Unbelievable. So I guess it’s not desperation?

    I hate that company. Pay some f’n taxes Apple you corcksucker!!!