Samsung’s Reputation Goes Down in Flames

Ok, it’s still not that bad, but it was a good headline.

The Harris Poll has published it’s US Reputation Quotient report. In what we can only say has been a bad year for Samsung, this poll is just icing on the cake. Samsung placed number 7 last year, a slight drop from the enviable number 3 a year before. This year, it’s ranking dropped like a stone to number 49.

This Harris Poll was conducted between November 28th and December 16th, 2016, and 30,519 US adults responded. The ranking is based on social responsibility, products & services and workplace environment.

We all know the Samsung Note 7 made an explosive entrance in to the marketplace. It’s recall, re-issue, another recall, and finally being taken off the market, made for major headlines last year. On top of this, because of the danger involved, even those that don’t keep up on mobile tech were constantly informed of the issue thanks to airports and mail services ensuring that the Note 7 was not flying or being shipped.

Of course, this was before the Samsung heir was arrested for corruption.

Samsung has a lot to do to fix it’s reputation over the next year.



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