Samsung User’s Are You Missing Important Messages?

Samsung users complain that text messages are going missing.

Samsung users are reporting an issue with SMS messages not arriving. While some have reported the issue with the S7, it’s primarily users of the newest Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ that are experiencing the issue.

Users aren’t missing all of their messages, but a seemingly random, yet regular amount of SMS messages just aren’t making it to the phone. The issue is affecting phones across all four major carriers in the US, as well as users in Canada, Australia, France and the UK.

Samsung has yet to respond to users complaints, much to the chagrin to users that have taken to social media to voice their complaints. While some users may choose to use messengers as opposed to SMS, this is still a method used for two factor authentication, and users are reporting these messages are going missing as well.

For those experiencing the issue, there is one sure fire fix. Remove the sim card from the Samsung phone, and place it in another. Your messages will magically appear. Personally, I’d suggest the BlackBerry KEYone. For me, reliable communication is important, and BlackBerry phones were built for reliable communications.

SMS Messages

source: The Guardian



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