Samsung Users Experiencing Problems with Marshmallow Update


Tech Times is reporting that many Samsung users who have upgraded to Marshmallow are finding themselves unable to unlock their phones. While obviously not affecting all users, enough users of the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5 to warrant a warning for users of these devices to not upgrade to Marshmallow.

Users that are being affected by this glitch find that they are unable to unlock their phones. Those using the fingerprint sensors to unlock their phones are finding the sensor no longer recognizes their fingerprints, and seemingly stops trying to read them altogether.

Suggested fixes for users;
1: Don’t upgrade
2: Turn off password and fingerprint authentication
3: Use the Samsung Find My Mobile Website to unlock the phone, provided the user has a Samsung account and the device is connected to it.

Finally, if none of these work, the user needs to contact Samsung customer service. Good luck!
Apparently encryption is at the heart of the problem. Some glitch with the OS update is causing the phone to “mess up” the encrypted fingerprints stored within the phones. There are also reports of other manufacturers devices being affected by the issue.

As we watch phone after phone being disabled by OS updates, I for one am glad that BlackBerry takes the required time to test and ensure that our updates work, and work well.



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  • pavanbhokray

    Poor Samsung. BlackBerry is best

  • Martin

    Buy a BlackBerry, problem solved!!

  • newcollector

    Never had a problem with any BlackBerry updates though to be fair, others have had small glitches, usually associated with a corrupted download or something of the sort. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but so far BlackBerry updates load smoothly and run sweet. Great job BlackBerry!

    By the way, great article, Brad. I had Better warn some Samsung friends to hold off.

  • Speedie20

    Brad you make an excellent point about the value of BlackBerry going to great lengths to carefully test its Android OS updates for the Priv before rolling them out to Blackberry users. This clearly minimizes the downsides of any major glitches affecting BlackBerry users. Hopefully, Samsung sorts out their issues for their customers!