Samsung Takes a Strike at the Google Pixel 2

Samsung’s newest ad strikes while the fire is hot.

The Google Pixel 2 has been making headlines since it’s recent introduction. Sadly for Google, those headlines have not been good. The Pixel 2 has had untold numbers of complaints about the displays of the devices. From muted colors, to patchy uneven displays, to screen burn-in occurring less than a week after arrival. Needless to say this couldn’t be the reception which Google was hoping for.

Surely other Android manufacturers are taking a breath of relief though. After all. how do you compete with a phone put out by the same company which puts out the OS? Some manufacturers may have a niche which they are serving. For instance, BlackBerry Mobile, who can offer their legendary BlackBerry keyboard, as well as the only truly secure Android phone. They have found their market, and are serving it. For other companies, like Samsung, who are attempting to be the phone for the masses, Google also presenting a phone meant for the masses, can prove to be a bit problematic.

But what happens when Google’s new phone fails in terms of user expectations? What happens when those failures are due to something as simple as a display? Well, for Samsung, that means quickly putting out an advertisement pointing out how great their own displays are? Well, it seems like a no-brainer. And Samsung went for it.

In the advertisement below, you won’t see Samsung calling out Google by name as they have previously done with Apple. As entertaining as that would be, it might prove to be a bit problematic as Samsung depends on Google for the operating system of their own phones. But as you watch the commercial, you know exactly what Samsung is doing. And we can be sure, Google does as well.

source: CNET


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