Samsung Takes From BlackBerry


I have had a long standing complaint about Android. The notifications. The notification center on Android is just a mess. Your emails, texts, all your communications, getting buried under the daily app updates that Android brings with them. If you were to miss the notification for a message, your only hope was to stumble across one of your apps and notice that there was a message. This was one of the biggest reasons why I refused to use Android. I don’t like missing messages. I don’t like having to respond to a message days later just because I never saw it. Android made this occurrence all too common.

Of course, I never had to worry about this. I always had a BlackBerry as my primary device. As things went missed on my Android devices, I was quick to receive and respond via my BlackBerry. BlackBerry 10 took notifications and communications to a whole new level with the Blackberry Hub. All my communications in one place. Easily read and responded to. The BlackBerry Hub is a beautiful thing. But Android users paid no mind to it. As you tried to describe it to them, they would tell you they had the same thing in their notification center.

I can assure you, they did not.

For three years BlackBerry users enjoyed the efficiency the Hub provided us. For three years Android users just didn’t understand. Then BlackBerry made the PRIV. The first Android powered BlackBerry brought a lot of BlackBerry 10 goodness to the Android platform. Things like the BlackBerry calendar and contacts provided BlackBerry users a very familiar surrounding. BlackBerry security made Android, for the first time, a safe place. But nothing made as big a difference for me as the Hub. Suddenly, I could use an Android device and not have to worry about missing communications. Of course, the world of Android didn’t seem to realize what BlackBerry was bringing them of course. I recall reading reviews where some seemed to enjoy it, yet found it confusing. Some claimed to have turned it off. Personally, I think it may have overwhelmed a few of those users. Android users, so used to their multitude of social media apps, suddenly found that they were seeing messages as they got them. After years of messages being missed until they went looking for them, hours, or even days later, I think it’s safe to assume many of those users might have felt buried.

It seems that someone has taken notice though. Sammobile is reporting that Samsung will be premiering Samsung Focus on the Galaxy Note 6. “Samsung Focus,” they state, “will integrate functions like email, calendar, contacts and memos. The aggregation of emails will be one of the major features, with Focus offering options for viewing and responding to emails from various accounts.” Sheer genius. Of course, for BlackBerry users, it’s old news.

I’m not surprised that someone in the world of Android is taking the concept of the Hub and including it in their product. After all, it fixes one of the major problems of Android. What is surprising is that it’s taken them so long to do so. Perhaps they thought no one would notice the Hub on BB10? And now perhaps they realize people are taking notice on the Priv? Whatever the thoughts, Samsung appears to be the first to follow in the footsteps BlackBerry left in 2013. I wonder who will be next?



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