Samsung: We Didn’t Start the Fire

Faulty batteries and other waste materials spark a blaze in Samsung’s Tianjin factory.

Samsung can’t seem to catch a break, although their PR is flaming hot right now. It seemed like the news surrounding the Note 7 devices was finally starting to die down. However, the buzz was rekindled today as a fire broke out in one of their factories.

The fire happened in their Tianjin factory, located in northeastern China. It may not be so bad if the conflagration was the result of a poorly disposed cigarette and oily rags, or from a lightning strike, or even a structural electrical fire. But, no… this fire was started by those same faulty batteries, discarded here for proper waste management. In fact, this factory, operated by Samsung SDI, is the primary manufacturer of the ill-fated batteries.

This “minor” fire prompted a response of 19 fire trucks and 110 firefighters. Smoke billowed from the roof, but there were no casualties or “significant impact” on plant operations.

Image Via Weibo

This same factory has already begun production on the batteries that were contracted for use with the new Samsung S8. This device is slated to take the place of it’s predecessor the Note 7 early this year. The Note 7 created a firestorm last year after its faulty batteries caused explosions, resulting in the phone being recalled. Samsung took an estimated $5.3billion loss following the recall.


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