Samsung SG4 So Hot It’s EXPLODING?


Yeah! That HOT!

Worrying news for SG4 owners is emerging from Israel where it would seem that, since the third quarter of 2013 that, SG4 devices sold around that time are subject to swelling batteries and even explosions.

Which seems to be a rather extreme way of attempting to shift the piles of unsold SG5’s.

JERUSALEM – Scailex Corp, which imports Samsung products in Israel, said on Monday it had been experiencing problems with batteries of the popular Galaxy S4 cellular phone.

Scailex said it was making the announcement after local media reported about malfunctioning batteries, and upon request of the Israel Securities Authority.

Israel’s top-selling Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported that thousands of the batteries in Israel had a problem with swelling, and that at least 20 batteries had burst into flames.

“Starting in the third quarter of 2013, we began to receive indications of problems,” Scailex said in a statement to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. “The company was in constant and intensive contact with Samsung on the issue of these problems, and in February 2014 started an independent examination.”

The examination, it said, was ongoing.

Scailex did not list specific problems it had encountered, but said it passed on to Samsung the details it had collected and in return requested clarifications.

According to the Scailex statement, Samsung in response said it “operates according to the highest quality and safety standards”, that external testing had shown the problems did not make the batteries unsafe, and that Samsung was working directly with the local cellular operators on the issue.

Scailex said it was not aware of similar problems in Galaxy S4 devices produced after January 2014.

A spokeswoman for Samsung in Israel had no immediate comment.

Do you know what bugs me most about this story?

Leaving aside the fact that a swelling battery is hardly likely to be safe and that in most industries (such as the motor industry) whenever there is a danger to customers well being product lines are recalled… don’t seem to see that here… BUT:

Whenever Apple, Google or Samsung are caught with their pants down in terms of customer care (let’s be fair, these people sell the things so they are hardly likely to be making it up) they NEVER HAVE A COMMENT.

Man up you lot!

And if you are reading this and you find yourself with a swollen battery in your SG4 take it straight back to the shop.

It’s hardly likely to be an issue confined to Israel and the thing is not fit for purpose in that state.

Some would be uncharitable and question whether it ever was…

And demand yourself a BlackBerry.

A Z30 should do it.


Job done.

Source: Toronto Star


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  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    What surprises me is that the government hasn’t gotten involved since their is an apparent issue where the handset is basically becoming an explosive device.