Samsung Say ‘Mind The Note 4 Gap’


it must be catching…

After the Apple iPhone 6 debacle of bendgate comes Samsungs very own version, gapgate, with the sexy new Note 4.

You see, Samsung desperately wanted to get the Note 4 out there at the same time as the iPhone 6 and it would seem that there’s a few bits which haven’t been, well, finished as reported by GSM Arena:

First Samsung Galaxy Note 4 units plagued by build issues

As you can see, there’s a gap between the Galaxy Note 4’s 5.7″ QHD Super AMOLED display and the metal casing next to it. The report suggests, the gap is wide enough to fit 2 sheets of A4 paper or a business card.


There’s no official comment from Samsung regarding the mishap of the number of affected Galaxy Note 4 customers. We guess if there are more such cases, we’ll be hearing from the company sooner than later.

Yes, no comment as per usual.

Still, having a gap that large in the body of your phone will lead to hours of endless fun comparing with your friends what crap you’ve picked up during the day.

Perhaps they could offer a narrower stylus to allow you to scrape it out every night?

And imagine a trip to the beach!

Handy though for offering your business card out at meetings, or playing Guess Who.

This September really is sorting out the men from the boys.

No wonder everyone wants a Passport.


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