Samsung Galaxy S8 Uses “Virtually” Same Battery As Note 7

Samsung shockingly used the same battery in the new S8 as they did with the Note 7.

We can be sure that Samsung is hoping that people will forget all about the explosive Note 7 and will rush to purchase their new Samsung Galaxy S8. Yet tear down Kings iFixit has discovered that the new phone’s battery is virtually identical to the battery used in the Note 7.

iFixit states “The Samsung Galaxy S8+ battery voltage, capacity, and design tolerances are virtually identical to the Note7. Our unit’s battery even came from the same manufacturer as some Note7 batteries.”

Samsung has stated that the explosive nature of the Note 7 was due to manufacturing defects. Unfortunately, these defects resulted in not one, but two recalls of the Galaxy Note 7.

I’m sure many of us recall that there was a fairly common theory that the battery clearance was the issue with the Note 7. The theory was that there simply wasn’t enough clearance, and with use, the battery would expand. With no room to expand, the battery would be damaged, and explode.

Now, I don’t think Samsung would take a chance of making the same mistake twice. If they’re using the same battery from the same manufacturer, and allowing the same amount of clearance for the battery to expand, Samsung obviously has faith that the clearance was not the issue. But will users?

Let’s just hope for the safety of users, that Samsung is right.

source: iFixit


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  • anthogag

    You get more bang for your buck with Samsung.

    I expect carrier stores will have fire-proof gloves to use while demoing this hot new phone.