Samsung reveals the causes of Note 7 battery problems



Shortly after Samsung introduced its’ flagship device, the Galaxy Note 7 in August 2016, there were reports of battery fires. These reports became so widespread that in September Samsung recalled the devices out of concern for consumer safety. Initially it was thought to be limited to a subset of devices but in January the recall expanded to cover ALL devices.

Yesterday Samsung held a news conference to provide the results of the post-mortem to the public. In a report Samsung stated there were #2 problems-

battery components in the Galaxy Note 7 did not properly fit in the battery’s casing. That design caused the initial round of fires, which led to property damage and personal injury for its owners. The damaged batteries in these phones were crimped at the battery cell’s upper-right corner.

The second round of fires, which affected the devices sent to replace the original faulty phones, were caused by several manufacturing issues, including inadequate welding at the battery manufacturer, as the company raced to produce those new phones.

To obtain these results Samsung used 700 employees to test 200,000 phones and an additional 30,000 batteries. Their findings were validated by #3 external firms. So what has changed? Samsung will subject new batteries to an 8-point safety check. Hopefully this will win back consumer confidence as Sammy is preparing to release its’ next flagship, the Galaxy S8 in the near future.


While reading the various reports and press releases I found the following comment especially revealing-

“…it’s ultimately down to the company to thoroughly test its products before putting them in the hands of customers – particularily if those flaws can put people’s lives at risk.

While I agree with this statement 110%, one must wonder why the same standards aren’t applied to iPhones which have a long history of exploding and injuring consumers?





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  • BlueTroll

    Yes, one does wonder about that, I mean aside from the fact that the sort of responsibility that would entail would detract from profitability.

  • newcollector

    I think the reason Apple isn’t held to the same standard is the problem with iPhone’s catching fire is miniscule compared to the Note 7 problem.