Samsung Phone Sets Coed’s Bed Aflame

Casserly with her unused replacement phone. Via CBC News
Casserly with her unused replacement phone. Via CBC News

Imagine having a nice sleep, cuddled up in your bed, only to be awoken by a loud noise, and finding your bed on fire. That’s what happened to Hope Casserly.

“I realized it was a fire and so I half sat up and put out the fire with my pillow … looked over and realized there was another fire and put that out with my pillow again and … turned on all the lights to see what happened.”

We’ve heard several previous stories of cell phones blowing up, with causes ranging from aftermarket batteries and chargers, to iPhones bending in half. But I think even Apple would have a hard time blaming this explosion on user error. She had placed her phone, on a bedside table, and hadn’t even plugged it in.

“Afterwards I realized like, how severe the situation could have ended up and that frightened me quite a bit.”

Casserly contacted Samsung, which had Casserly send them the phone. After a few weeks with no word from Samsung, Casserly again contacted Samsung only to be told that the phone had been sent to Korea.

CBC News contacted Samsung for information regarding the phone, and received the following response;

Samsung takes product quality and customer safety very seriously. After a preliminary analysis, Samsung has determined that the battery used in Miss Casserly’s Samsung Ace II X was not a Samsung authorized battery.

We have provided the customer with a replacement device and will be following up with the customer to resolve the matter.

We encourage customers to only use genuine Samsung parts and accessories with all of our products and to carefully follow the safety instructions, which are found in the product’s user manual and online at

Casserly tells a different story though. According to Casserly, the battery was the original battery that came with the phone. Sadly, the replacement phone is still sitting in the box, unused, as she is now afraid to use it as she is worried this phone could blow up as well. Casserly has asked Samsung to replace the bedding that was burned in the incident, and after some effort, Samsung has agreed to pay for the bedding. But Samsung has yet to pay up. Maybe once the sell off all those S5’s they’ll pay her?

Bendy phones, exploding phones, leaky phones, etc. I’ll take a BlackBerry thank you very much!


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