Samsung Laughs at Apple’s Dongle

Samsung has made some funny commercials at Apple’s expense. Here’s the latest.

Oh the woes of having an iPhone. Sure, iPhone users seem to love the odd little things they live with. It seems that they don’t really know that they don’t need to. Android users though, we look at those sacrifices and workarounds and wonder why. Samsung has a habit of pointing these things out. I’m glad they do.

The last commercial we saw from Samsung poking fun at Apple had to do with Apple throttling their old iPhones. Yes, it’s something that is unheard of in the world of Android. But it’s something Apple said they needed to do for battery health. And iPhone users nodded in agreement as Android users and manufacturers shook their heads in disbelief.

This latest commercial deals with something else that many of us have been left shaking our heads about. Dongles. Apple seems to love the dongles. And as is aptly described in this commercial, double-dongles.

Now, in fairness, there have been a few Android makers that have followed Apple’s lead on some really horrible decisions. I’m speaking of course of the decision to remove the headphone jack, and of the ridiculous looking notched display. I like the fact that Samsung is looking at these “Apple innovations” and advertising that they are not following the “trend”.

I may not care for Samsung phones, but I’m a big fan of their advertising.



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