Samsung Galaxy S7 Blows Up Injuring User

With a Note of familiarity, a Samsung Galaxy S7 blows up in user’s hands, leaving second and third degree burns in it’s wake.

Amarjit Mann of Winnipeg was driving in his car this last Sunday, when he felt his Samsung phone getting warm in his pocket. He pulled to the side of the road and pulled the phone from his pocket. While holding it in his hands, the phone burst in to flames.

A Samsung phone blowing up is all to familiar a story right now. Samsung has suffered quite a financial loss after the flagship Note 7 began to explode. Samsung was forced to recall and replace the device, only to recall the replacement device and call off the model altogether when the replacement phone began to explode. But this phone was not a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It was a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Mann states that once the phone exploded, he just “saw smoke and nothing else” and threw the phone outside the car. Even with the quick response, Mann suffered second degree burns on his hands, and third degree burns on his wrists. With these injuries, Mann will be unable to do his job as a mechanic for at least 4 weeks.

Samsung’s statement to CTV News concerning the incident is as follows:

“Customer safety remains our highest priority and we remain committed to working with any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product.”

source: CTV News

Samsung burn


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  • Alan

    Seriously, this is scary stuff.

  • Schmurf

    I looks as though the recall should be extended to all the Samsung 7 products.

  • Schmurf

    Further on this, I’d be interested to know what pocket he had it in. A jacket pocket? A shirt pocket? The back pocket of his jeans? If it was the last one, he should know better than to be sitting on his phone. If it was one of the first two, then that is truly spontaneous combustion.

  • Anthony

    I propose ALL Samsung phones are banned until the stock price sinks to levels where BlackBerry can buy them :o

    What happened to the damn emoticons!