Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes in the Hands of a 6 Year Old

Exploding phones can prove to be a powerful weapon in the platform wars, but no one wants to see them explode in the hands of children.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is prone to explosion. Samsung has accepted blame for this defect, and have halted shipment and sales of said devices, also issuing a recall. It’s actually nice to see a company take responsibility for their product that can injure someone.

Unfortunately, someone has been injured. That someone was a 6 year old boy from Brooklyn, NY. The child was watching videos on the Note 7 when the battery exploded in the boys hands. The boy’s grandmother Linda Lewis stated that the explosion “set off alarms in my house.” The boy suffered burns from the explosion, but was lucky and was able to return home. While the physical damage may not be that bad, the boy now “doesn’t want to see or go near any phones.”

While reading through various sites about the exploding Note 7, I’ve ran across a disturbing reaction by users. Many users think that the issue is overblown, no pun intended. In nearly every post on every android centric site I’ve read, there have been users stating that they were keeping their phones. They seem to think that their phone will be safe. Like a teenage driver, they seem to think that nothing will happen to them.

While I believe that people can make their own decisions, and make their own mistakes, I find this to be a very different situation. Samsung has made it clear that these phones are not safe, and will correct the problem. What user’s need to understand is that an exploding phone can affect more than them. There are many obvious theoretical examples. A very common example is a phone exploding on a plane. Or perhaps a phone exploding in a car while the user is driving down a highway. Or even perhaps, a phone explodes while a 6 year old child is watching videos.

Samsung Note 7 users, please heed Samsung’s recall and return your phone. You can always get another once Samsung fixes the issue.




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