Samsung Folding at 6.7 Inches

YES! …what you just read is true!

Samsung IS to release its next folding mobile as a 6.7 inch ‘clamshell’ type phone. Well that is according to ET News, Forbes, CNet & Tom’s Guide, but of course Samsung themselves have not commented on any rumors though, they are tight lipped or a reason…


The Koreans are ready to take the next big step in their technological endeavor to fold phones for a business. Their recent attempt folded dramatically, but now, short on the heels of the Galaxy Fold comes the chitchat of a new folding frenzy. This time it will fold from the top to the bottom rather than from left to right! Yes the Samsung Fold 2 (concept above) is ready to make its innovative mark on the technological world of today…or is it?


Which brings us to the realization that TCL, the makers of BlackBerry phones were a few steps ahead of the competition AND Samsung when they released their concepts for a fold-able mobile. They too had the vision to fold from left to right, but they also saw the future of a fold-able mobile folding from the top to the bottom. And NO…I am not going to compare the Samsung Fold 2 to the Motorola Razr as some tech sites do. As you can see operationally & aesthetically the comparison that the rumored Samsung has is more in line with the TCL version (above) than the Razr.


TCL produced a pearl from the pocket! This “benchmark design” all comes down to the bend, and as for TCL’s “Dragonhinge” design it doesn’t come better than this. In this case…Less is MORE! The smaller the area of the bend contact, the more control will you as a manufacturer have over the bend itself, and less structural impairment will occur. It’s a monster of a screen that would be protected only by its outer shell which delicately folds and closes above it, nestled within the “Dragonhinge” For now having a phone that fold this way makes more operational sense.  And even Samsung is now seeing this un-fold.

According to the rumoured, the Samsung Clamshell will have an exterior screen inched out real-estate designed for incoming notifications… sounds familiar?  ABSOLUTELY! TCL’s foldable version noted firstly (as seen in this picture) to be having that functionality. Production of the Samsung will begin late in 2019 and launching will most probably be early in 2020…The same time as TCL would launch their line of fold-able phones.

We will see in the upcoming months whether the rumors are true or not, but for now it looks like Samsung is playing: “Follow the (TCL) leader…”


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