Samsung Beats Lawsuit Demanding Updates

It’s a bad day for those hoping to force updates.

Updates are a sore subject for the world of Android. While Google has promised monthly updates, most users simply aren’t getting them. The issue at hand is that manufacturers don’t always push out these updates to carriers, and then carriers rarely push these updates out to users.

The Dutch Consumers’ Association, or Consumentenbond, hoped to change this situation. In 2016 the group filed suit against Samsung. Their demands? A promise to update. The group wanted to seek a legal requirement for Samsung to update their phones for a minimum of two years after purchase, or four years after release. It’s a trial many of us were excited about when it began. While a case in the Netherlands would not effect most of us, it could change the way one of the world’s largest phone makers do business, and could set a precedent for other nations. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

The administrative court ruled on Wednesday, that the case was inadmissible. The reason given was that Consumentenbond was attempting to influence future actions by Samsung. “The specific (technical) circumstances are still unknown. Therefore, nothing can be decided regarding the nature and severity of any future security risks and Samsung’s future actions,” explained the court.

Smartphone users suffered a loss with this decision. Let’s hope this is not the last we hear of a push to get manufacturers and carriers to secure their users.

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Source: ZD Net


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