Salesforce App Updating – If This Is Productivity Give Me More


If you aren’t aware Salesforce, along with Netsuite, Saleslogix, Swiftpage and ACT, is one of the world’s leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software applications.

Large corporations such as Sky Broadcasting in the UK (owned by Fox owner Rupert Murdoch) rely on Salesforce as an integrated solution to manage their customer database. Smaller organisations do too.

Why? Because CRM systems keep Sales Teams efficient. In the world of sales contacting customers at the RIGHT time is king. No customer wants to be harassed to death but they don’t mind being contacted at the right time. Salesforce allows everyone in the company to see the complete customer history of who contacted the customer when, what was said, and what actions were agreed.

Then the customer can be contacted on the agreed date.

No one gets upset, no one gets harassed and sales increase as no one gets forgotten.

And that’s just the start of what these systems can do…

So, when you are talking about field staff, it makes sense that they can integrate seamlessly with the networked office. After all, as a field sales rep, the last thing you want is for an office bound rep to make a call to a customer you have just seen and annoy them by going over the same old things, for example.

The data needs to be live for everyone to see. In real time.

And when that works, it makes for a VERY powerful sales organisation because sales are maximised and, more importantly, the buying experience for the customer is very nice indeed! Everyone they talk to in the organisation is fully informed as to what the last person said, what was promised, the dates of delivery and what the agreed price was.

And that leads to extremely high levels of customer satisfaction.

Which, strangely enough, leads to more customers…

Now, I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve used Salesforce, ACT and Netsuite in my working life and it has driven me MAD with just how poor the apps have been for ALL PLATFORMS.

They all promise much, but deliver little and you end up back at the PC, which is no good as that’s at home.

Currently Netsuite, for example, are pushing an iOS app.

And compared to what you could do with BlackBerry 10, it’s crap. It is, like most iPhonian tools, a gimmick. But, thanks to Apple marketing, Netsuite believe the the iPhone is still the best one to go with first as ‘everyone has an iPhone’.

I can do better on my Z30 using the browser.


As we all know, if you want something doing, ask the guy with the BlackBerry.

So, when we saw this from the Inside BlackBerry Business Blog it brought home to me what John Chen said about focusing on productivity and Enterprise apps in BlackBerry World because what they say here is just superb…

BlackBerry’s Salesforce1 App Update Brings Exciting New Features

BlackBerry’s partnership with Salesforce will come out with an exciting new update to the ‘Connect to Salesforce’ app for the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Today, BlackBerry’s Managing Director of Canada, Margaret Stuart, is participating in the keynote presentation at the Salesforce1 World Tour event in Toronto, and she has some exciting things to share.

She will talk about the newest release of our Connect to Salesforce app for BlackBerry coming soon and provide insight into what is included in the latest update. Here is a sneak peak at the exciting details:

Functionality will go beyond the device and enable workers to maximize productivity by accessing any content, from anywhere, at any time, which really helps unchain people from their desks and go where they need to, without sacrificing anything.

BlackBerry 10 users can remotely access key customer data – and more importantly, do so securely, with tight integration between their desktop and mobile applications – making it more powerful for end users and better to manage for administrators.

The enhancements to the Connect to Salesforce app allow users to have a robust Salesforce1 native application experience, including being able to create, edit and remove files and (unique to BlackBerry) perform these tasks offline on cached files and records.

You can view archived groups; use the Unified Search function within all files and records; access Visualforce pages and Salesforce Events; and sign in using custom URLs. is also launching its Salesforce1 Browser application support for BlackBerry 10, complemented by a great Container application called “Connect to Salesforce WEB”.

If I worked for a company right now running Salesforce I promise you I would either be breathing a huge sigh of relief or be busting my bosses to get BlackBerry 10 devices because THIS would make my life 1,000 times easier.

And those of my colleagues.

And, if BlackBerry are going to use their dev teams to make work easier and ultimately more PROFITABLE through the leverage of the huge advantage they have over iOS and Android in terms of the POWER of BlackBerry 10 all I can say is…

I want to do my job well.

I want to make more money.



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    I said it before, and I’ll say it again, John Chen is the man that will put BlackBerry at the top once again. A man of action, that also understands what BlackBerry’s core is about. Can’t wait for July 1st when your thunderclap shows Mr. Chen how much we appreciate his hard work during these past seven months.