Are you safe and secure?

In case you haven’t yet heard: UTB got to sit down with Marty Beard last week [virtually], and during our conversation with BlackBerry’s COO, he said the narrative at BlackBerry is one of cybersecurity. “Software is the new BlackBerry.” And the reason you can trust BlackBerry’s software is because they will keep your data secure. Therefore, the story we should be telling, the news we should be sharing, the message we should be advocating is better personal security awareness and practice.

However, it leaves some users feeling stuck. As we enjoy the tangible devices, it’s hard to fully understand the intangible, the abstract. Cybersecurity sounds important and valuable, but how does it affect the end user on a daily basis? Moreover, as a long-standing BlackBerry user, how does the software fortify the hardware security that we’ve already come to trust?

Do we take advantage of the safety BlackBerry provides? It’s easy enough to do. The message of security has been at the forefront of their dialogue from the genesis of the company. So, how does the new generation of cybersecurity affect me? How does it differ from the hardware I hold in my hand? Why is it the message now?

How does cybersecurity affect me?

Every wifi signal, app download, email, link, social media invite, or bluetooth device could bring the reality of a cybersecurity hack down onto your head. As this small world grows exponentially smaller, we become increasingly more connected to it. Every connection is a possible vulnerability.

BlackBerry combats this with their mobility apps. These apps offer the opportunity to schedule, communicate, and browse safely. BlackBerry furnishes further protection through end-to-end encryption for secure conversations. So you know the messages you’re receiving are from trusted sources.

How does “Software is the new BlackBerry” differ from the hardware I’m used to?

They’re similar in that they offer protection and peace-of-mind. However, the software solutions BlackBerry now delivers showcase a comprehensively secure business model. BlackBerry Workspaces assist companies in sharing and communicating on a secure framework. BlackBerry Dynamics provide businesses with the chance to build their own apps to allow for a more efficient (and, you guessed it: secure) platform.

Finally, why is this the message now?

The world is growing, and shrinking. As connectivity becomes commonplace we must guard ourselves against those that would do us harm. The Internet of Things may make our lives more seamless and convenient, but it also makes us more vulnerable. That is why BlackBerry offers what it calls the Enterprise of Things. Everyday technology evolves, and it’s a lot to maintain. However, trusting BlackBerry’s suite of software solutions, means trusting a company that has been focused on security from the beginning. Now, with their UEM, you have the power to control all your connected devices from one console.

BlackBerry may not be able to keep you from clicking on those janky links in emails or accepting that dubious friend request. However, they have tasked themselves with ensuring that the way in which you communicate remain as secure as possible. BlackBerry cares if you’re safe, and they’ve created the tools necessary to keep you secure. It’s up to you to take advantage of them and share the message.

Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.