Report from Russia: BlackBerry Services blocked

Pravda Magazine, in Russia, reports that BlackBerry users in the country can’t use their devices when it comes to settings and personal account. It seems that the government blocked the Enterprise services in the country, as the report says that users can’t enter the BlackBerry app store, BlackBerry World, and more services – most of them enterprise oriented.

It’s not the first time that a country decided to block BlackBerry, and now Russia’s turn. The report says that the main reason is BlackBerry’s refusal to give access to the supervisory agency. BlackBerry has always said that without good reason and warrant they will not give access to their servers information in any country.

BlackBerry has 60,000 enterprise users in Russia, and some of them support BlackBerry decision to not give access to the government.

“Why would a company, the reputation of which is based on the sale of most secure smartphones and which does not officially conduct business in Russia, ruin its image all over the world by cooperating with Russian special services?”
The communication office in Russia announced earlier this year that they will take control over all the data in the country. The agency wants to have all the citizens information from all the services they use in the country.
Currenty, I haven’t succeeded in contacting BBM friends from Russia as the message still on V and didn’t changed to D.



Roy Shpitalnik

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