Rumors Abound Regarding the BlackBerry Slider


If you have followed the recent coverage of BlackBerry and the rumored devices being released, many of you will have run across the endless rumors of what the device will be and what OS it will be running.

Its to the point now that it has become almost laughable the amount of speculation and fake renders that many supposed industry experts are running with.  Let’s break down what we have heard to this point.

1) The Slider will be running full Android OS (Lollipop) likely skinned to look like BB10

2) The Slider will come in 2 variants, one running BB10, and one running Android

3) The Slider will be BB10 device while and Android version will be branded Samsung

4) The Slider will be strictly Android with only BlackBerry security features

The list goes on and on.  Renders have even been provided and many blog sites are using those fake renders as “proof” of what’s coming.  It’s now to the point that readers across a wide variety of forums are thinking about selling current devices and developers are claiming to abandon BB10 for other platforms.

One thing we don’t do here at UTB is take unsubstantiated rumors and run with them as we have seen so many do over the last several weeks.  For one, given the wide range of speculation, chances are none of them are correct.

I’m sure all of you remember the rumors when the Z30 was to be released?  We remember the specs that certain so called “insiders” were claiming it was to be released with.  4 gig of Ram was one I recall specifically and we all know how that turned out.  What about the rumored “Jesus” phone that was to be the next spec beast to be released?  Only to turn out to be an emerging market low/mid level device, the Z3.

The point is that no matter what has been thrown out thus far, until BlackBerry puts out an official statement, then nobody knows for sure what’s actually coming.  Its time for people to take a step back and wait for BlackBerry to announce exactly what they have in store.

For what’s its worth, I believe that what we will get is BB10 with an improved runtime and integration of Android and Google services (yes I know this requires Google’s approval). This is strictly an opinion and not a rumor or leak.  I could be way off and completely wrong but will not begin to speculate one way or the other until we get official word from BlackBerry.