Rumor Mill – BlackBerry + LinkedIn?



Yesterday, I was reading an article from a Seeking Alpha and I noticed a reader repeatedly commenting about BlackBerry and LinkedIn. I guess two of my synapses must have fired and I began thinking about John Chen’s plan for BlackBerry. The handset focus is on business/Enterprise users and LinkedIn touts itself as “The World’s Largest Professional Network“. In addition, Chen is also a firm believer in strategic acquisitions and partnerships. So I started thinking- would an acquisition of LinkedIn by BlackBerry make sense, or more of a strategic partnership?  Thinking BBM, networking, etc…

Credit to SA contributor Kurt Windibank, et al for the inspiration



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  • bartron

    Partner, at most. Acquiring them would be quite a stretch.

    • razrrob

      I would agree partnering as the price may be a bit much for BB

    • E

      Yes. Exactly.

    • Poita316

      Why not a combination of both?
      Own 51% + of it?
      Than offer BlackBerry users extras like free premium or something. More personalized (security / privacy) settings.
      Have BBM linked to linkedIn so you can see who uses BBM too and make connection on either platform. Add the PIN on LinkedIn for BBM calls or something?
      Just a thought :)

  • Anthony

    LinkedIn recently purchased has “how-to” tutorials for all kinds of software.

    There are more interesting things for BlackBerry to pursue, eg. new camera technologies like “PiCam”. The BB10 platform needs more outstanding features like TimeShift!

    A BlackBerry LinkedIn partnership like its partnership with Mercedes could be good. locco_smiley_22

    • razrrob

      Anthony, I agree an acquisition may not be fiscally sound but I do see synergies in a partnership

  • jrohland

    Couldn’t give a sh*t. I don’t see the synergy here. I would love for someone to lead me down that road and show me the sights because I can’t see how BlackBerry and LinkedIn belong together.

    • razrrob

      Valid answer JR. As Poita mentioned above, there is room for further BBM utilization and potentially monetization?

    • Anthony

      I also could care less about a BlackBerry LinkedIn partnership. locco_smiley_29

  • bambinoitaliano

    What would be the purpose of it? I don’t think it would help sell more hand sets or increase the adoption of enterprise services. Though I did get an email alert today of some 3.5 million shares traded and a bit of spike on BlackBerry stock. Perhaps it’s a different company.

    • razrrob

      I think the BBM aspect could be huge for professionals who desire to network.The real question is how to monetize it