Rumor : BlackBerry Working to Develop Hacking Scanner Tool for Cars.

We all know that BlackBerry QNX is the most secure OS for embedded things in cars. Now we hear news that I still prefer to say that it is only a  rumor, mainly because until now no one has confirmed it.

The report says that 2 car manufacturers are working and testing with BlackBerry on a new product, Scanner for cars to alert if the car has been hacked. The software also can install new updates directly into the car and keep it up to date.  The scanner will alert the driver that the car has been hacked or someone has tried to hack the car and will tell the driver to stop the car.

We know that the security in autonomous cars is top priority and until the industry can solve the Cyber issues in those cars and will be able to sell secure cars to customers, no one will allow those cars to get on the road out of testing.

The 2 big car makers, Aston Martin and Range Rover, are reportedly already testing it as it can be in the market next year. The post is speaking about the revenue for every product but it’s much to early to even speak about it.


Roy Shpitalnik

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