Rotten to the Core!

Well, I’ve long suspected it, Apple is rotten to the core. On what do I base this? Recent media bombs (not to be confused with iBombs) for one. Have you noticed the security issues that have come to light with ios? This really is nothing new, it is being reported more often now and from more sources. The cat is out of the bag. Nor really surprising though as there have been allegations of problems as long as I can remember (recall that on several occasions the appstore has allowed apps that gave hackers total control of the device). Most of these security issues have been taken care of…but as they are fixed more appear. Sort of like trying to stop the leaks in a rotten boat. Well the Apple also seems to be rotten. Like a rotten fruit these bits can be cut out but as these bits are removed more appear. There is no more hiding it. Not enough lipstick for the pig.


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