Rogers Sets a Date for KEYone Oreo Release

Canadian carrier has set a date.

The last time heard news about the Oreo update for the BlackBerry KEYone, if was from the Canadian carrier Rogers, who had the update listed as “coming soon“.  Well those two words can be quite frustrating to many BlackBerry users. Sometimes even a trigger of sorts. I think we may just need a “coming soon” safe-space.

In any event, Rogers has updated their release schedule within their community forums. And they have set an expected availability date. The date listed? June 14, less than one week away.

Now, before we all start jumping to conclusions, baking cakes and calling family, let’s take a moment. This is not an official date from BlackBerry or BlackBerry Mobile. This is an “expected availability” date from a single carrier. The actual release could be before or after that, and differing carriers and unlocked phones could have completely different rollout schedules. It could also just be a cruel, cruel joke from Community Manager RogersDarrell. But I don’t think he’d do that. He seems like a standup guy.

For those that have been hanging for any news of the Oreo update rolling out to our KEYone and Motion devices, this should get us a little more excited about the upcoming release.

Source: Rogers Community Forum 


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