Rogers has modified the Oreo Launch date for KEYone – Now July 5th

Rogers has pushed the Oreo release date to July 5th, a week later.

Check out the original announcement of the release here.

There’s been some hints and dates given for the update to get ready for Oreo before, but now Roger’s has set a new date for the arrival of Oreo on the BlackBerry KEYone. The Canadian carrier has listed within it’s community forums a date of June 28th for Oreo 8.1 and WiFi-calling.

While this is a date for one Canadian carrier, we can assume that the date that BlackBerry will be making this update available to it’s users should be preceding this date. Then, for those of us with a device tied to a carrier, it will depend upon our carrier for when we receive the update. Surprisingly, on my AT&T branded KEYone, I have already received the preparation update, so hopefully that means American carriers will be on board this time around.

We now have to wait a week longer, we meaning those with Rogers. As a Bell customer, I hope they are planning on launching around the same time. Nothing has been stated from Telus either. Fingers crossed for a quick launch with all the major players.


Kevin Button

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