Rogers BlackBerry KEYone Oreo Arriving Next Week?

Will the rest follow?

We have already heard of the official Oreo update for the BlackBerry KEYone arriving in China. So where is it for the rest of us? Indications are pointing to an arrival next week, thanks to Canadian carrier Rogers.

Rogers publishes an upgrade schedule for their devices within their community forums. From this schedule, we have been watching the KEYone. Unfortunately, the date listed on the rollout of Oreo for the KEYone has changed several times. Usually though, that date is a date listed off in the future, which gives plenty of time for further updates. It’s now looking like that update might just become a reality.

The current date listed for the rollout is August 13th. Which is next Monday. That doesn’t give Rogers much of a chance to change the date, so we’re hoping that date holds true. If things remain as is typical, that should also be close to the date which other Canadian carriers will send out the update. For us in the US with carrier locked phones, this of course means nothing, as we will still be in limbo wondering if our carriers will ever provide current updates to a phone that doesn’t have the Apple logo on it.

From what we’ve been hearing from those in the Oreo Beta program on the BlackBerry KEYone, it sounds like the update is very ready for primetime, and we can’t wait to see the official released.

Rogers users, let us know if you see the update.



Source: Rogers


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